Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 13th Verhulst Test Bank

Test Bank and Solution manual Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, 13th Edition 2018 Verhulst, DeCenzo Solutions Manual + Test Bank

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, 13th Edition 2018 Verhulst, DeCenzo Solutions Manual + Test Bank

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management  13th Edition 2018 Verhulst, DeCenzo Solutions Manual + Test Bank


Test Bank  and solution manual

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  • Paperback: 464 pages
  • Publisher: Wiley (October 16, 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1119495334
  • ISBN-13: 978-1119495338



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Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 13th Verhulst Test Bank



Human Resource Management offers a clear and concise introduction to the field, with a practical approach and conversational style that facilitates student comprehension and encourages early, active involvement. Real-world examples illustrate the importance of employees at every level, linking theory to practice with immediate relevancy that sparks student interest and promotes lasting engagement; coupled with expert discussion based on the authors’ significant industry experience, this approach helps students build the strong foundation and relevant skill set today’s workplace requires.
Revised to reflect the current HRM landscape, this new 13th Edition features up-to-date practices and perspectives on recruitment, training, motivation, retention, safety, and the legal environment, with a strong focus on the role of HRM in supporting business strategy. End-of-chapter Workshops are designed to foster analytic, diagnostic, team-building, investigative, presentation, communication, writing, and other essential HRM skills, while chapter summaries, reviews, discussion questions, and more help reinforce new material. By merging pedagogy with practicality, this text gives students a well-rounded understanding of HRM and how it is practiced across industries today.
Preface, xxv
Acknowledgments, xxxi
About the Authors, xxxiii
Part 1 Understanding HRM
1 The Dynamic Environment of HRM 1
2 Functions and Strategy 31
3 Human Resource Planning and Job Analysis 59
Part 2 Legal and Ethical Context of HRM
4 Equal Employment Opportunity 83
5 Employee Rights and Discipline 122
Part 3 Talent Acquisition
6 Recruiting 150
7 Foundations of Selection 174
Part 4 Training and Development
8 Onboarding, Training, and Developing Employees 203
9 Managing Careers 230
10 Performance Management 247
Part 5 Total Rewards
11 Establishing Rewards and Pay Plans 278
12 Employee Benefits 306
Part 6 Safety and Labor Relations
13 Managing Health and Safety Risks 333
14 Understanding Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining 359
Glossary 411
Index 420
  • Discussions surrounding healthcare, social media, labor laws, sustainability, and other emerging human resources management issues have been updated to reflect current thinking and the most up-to-date practices  
  • Brings core concepts to life through engaging student activities and cases that focus on real-world applications
  • Aligns with curricula developed by the Society of Human Resource Management
  • Emphasizes research and communication skills through the analysis and presentation of controversies and local issues
  • Includes Service Learning Projects that allow students to enhance their resumes and apply HRM concepts while making a difference in the community

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